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Welcome back to the

Civilian Press, old friends.

I wanted to make some old stock available...

just a little at a time until we figure out what's going on here.

Weather is ready for the Civilian Press "All Seeing" Uni-Sex Zip Hoodie

Grab one before they are gone for good!


"All Seeing" Uni-Sex Zip Hoodie


What Happened?

The Civilian Press, established in 2007, has been such a great experience and outlet for my artwork and love for the basic T-Shirt. This project has given me the most memorable experiences and connected me to countless amazing tattoo and lowbrow artists, clothing brands,  and great people all across the US and even taken me to the UK. Although the Civilian Press supported me as an artist and showed great promise to our small team, the brand just couldn't sustain and we painfully decided to "close the doors" in 2014. I will never lose the love I have for this project and will always have a desire to get things going again.


Now, as a father and family man, my priorities have changed but my love for art and creative design will always be a part of my life and my professional endeavors. Just recently I came across some of my archive stock and have always received requests for Civilian Press shirts. So I've decided to pull a few items out and make them available for a limited time! I would like to thank you for your support through the years and hope to one day to relaunch

The Civilian Press with some fresh designs and apparel.

-Tony Gonzales